Stay for drinks/dinner

The starting point for this project was the creation of a meeting place where the resident as the visitor would like to stay, eat, drink, meet, etc. In this way, together with the client, we try to remove the stigma of ‘eating in the restaurant of the rest home’.
We keep the large space cosy and warm in a few ways. Dividers id vide in combination with the trees and pendant luminaires give scale to the height of the space. The different furniture and floors id different zones provide more intimacy and identity in different places in the restaurant.
The choice of materials often wink to the past, the form on which the materials are used provide the contemporary look. In this way we appeal to an audience from 0 to 99 years old. The choice to bring greenery into the interior in different ways enhances the healthy character of the kitchen. In the form of a vertical plant wall, an island with trees surrounded by low vegetation and hanging plants above dining tables emphasize this in an organic way.

What we did: interior design – graphic design – branding
Furniture: Delaere Decor & De Compagnie
Floors: David & Goliath
Lighting: Xal & Wever&Ducré
Year: 2018

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Va et Vient

Stay for drinks/dinner

Rough & refined stands for a brutal yet fine finish.

Bicho Malo

Rock&Roll on a plate!