Stay for drinks/dinner

From the beginning we wanted to create an environment that is both distinguished and brutal. After punishing the space, the rough concrete ceiling dominated. The choice to leave techniques visible gave us a financial freedom to work with richer materials for the further finishing of this bar. We opted for a combination of dark grey terrazzo, green marble and pink and brass details. The upholstered sofas bring a feminine softness to the design. For the toilets we went all-out with pink tiles and murals, which should create a fairy-tale atmosphere in the smallest room.

What we did: Facade design – Interior design – interior design
Floors: Bomarbre, Tilehouse Vanderougstraete
Furniture: Delaere Decor
Loose furniture: Astranova, Hay Design
Marble: Brachot Hermant
Lighting: Own design in collaboration with Da’lux

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Bicho Malo

Stay for drinks/dinner

Rock&Roll on a plate!

Va et Vient

Rough & refined stands for a brutal yet fine finish.