Brasserie Surrealist

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We had the honor of leading a remarkable transformation of an iconic Art Deco building from 1932, located in the heart of Brussels’ Dansaert district. This former banana warehouse, spanning 1,500 square meters, has been transformed into a dynamic brewery where beer, gastronomy, art, and music converge in an enchantingly surreal setting.

During this transformation, it was crucial for us to preserve the authentic atmosphere of the warehouse. The rough textures and visible industrial elements have been carefully integrated with modern additions. One of the architectural highlights is the impressive 10-meter-long bar equipped with 25 taps, designed to offer a unique experience to our visitors. We opted for luxurious materials such as sapelli wood, copper, and red natural stone, which provide a stylish contrast to the industrial character and enrich the aesthetics of the space.

Another special element in our design is the Italian Garden at the front of the building. This area was created to give visitors the feeling of stepping into a scene from ‘Alice in Wonderland’; a playful and magical environment that stimulates the senses. It’s a place designed for continuous discovery and enjoyment of the brewery’s own concoctions.

In every project, we strive to create a unique experience that is both functional and artistic, perfectly tailored to the desires of our clients. Brasserie Surrealist exemplifies our commitment to transforming spaces in ways that are both familiar and surprising, merging traditional elements with a bold, modern flair.

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