House SB

Stay at home

This mansion was completely gutted and then equipped with the latest techniques. However, nothing was changed to the classic ground plan. With the right furnishings, this old mansion has been transformed into the perfect match between old and new. Varied colours were applied in the different rooms, just as used to be the case in this type of mansion in the past. Each room has its own story and vibe. Combining non or complementary colours was a great challenge. New floors were laid on the ground floor. In the entrance hall we placed a Belgian bluestone, as used to be the custom. In the living spaces, we provided wide planks with an outdated mahogany look. In the kitchen we opted for terrazzo tiles. Again a material that according to tradition was often used in this kind of houses. We processed these terrazzo tiles in a contemporary way.

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House B

Stay at home

After determining the size of the home extension, the client decided to enlarge the master bedroom with a private dressing room.

House C

Stay at home

This existing house was completely gutted and refurbished. All daily amenities are available on the ground floor.