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This modern house from the 1950s underwent a complete and thorough renovation. We selected stylish materials, which nevertheless give the house plenty of character. Wherever possible, the materials reappear in other rooms.

Eye-catching in the living room is the marble of the (new) fireplace, which returns in the kitchen. The unique marble type ‘Gaudi Brown’ gives the sober ground floor an exuberant touch. The veneer wood ‘smoked walnut’ forms a beautiful counterpart to this marble. By the way, this wood veneer is found throughout the entire house.

The smoked walnut also determines the character of the upper floor, for example. Here, space has been created for a bedroom with bathroom and dressing room, and a toilet between the two. The wood tone returns in the final finish, such as the headboard of the bed.

In the master bathroom, the same ceramic top with  natural stone is used in different functions. Central to this bathroom is the walk-in shower with bench.

The children’s bathroom has a lighter look. With the choice of Corian for the cupboards and for the seamless sinks with a tablet, the matt white cleanliness is dominant..The floor of this children’s bathroom was given a strikingly playful motif.

A number of original elements have been retained, such as the marble floor in the entrance hall.

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Villa for students ‘t Onzent’

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