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Customizing a dress, picking out wool and fabrics to your heart’s content, scoring a matching accessory, following a workshop and designing and sewing your own lingerie… It’s all possible at MeMade boutique in Kortrijk. And the interior? That was given a special eye-catcher: the pink terrazzo floor that shapes the harmony in this imaginative space. Creativity and the feminine, soft and subdued colour palette go hand in hand here. Natural tones and tranquillity dominate the interior.

The large plywood wall is a surprising addition to the modern interior and is highly multifunctional. It connects the atelier and the fitting room on the first floor with the shop on the ground floor. In addition, it lends itself perfectly as a display window for the shop. The shop/workshop space needs few words; you immediately feel welcome!

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This shop was designed around a new food concept of chocolates in which the sense of taste plays the most important role.

Rigi One

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With this shop, the customer wanted to take a different, less classic route, in addition to their traditional shoe shop.