Vis van A

Stay for drinks/dinner

“Vis Van A” is an innovative and non-traditional food concept by a well-known Belgian Michelin-starred chef. This unique, creative and culinary hotspot invites you to enjoy the ultimate maritime experience while paying and calling attention to sustainable fishing. So Stay Studio ensured that the interior design also rides those new waves. The passion for the sea had to be palpable throughout, from the interior design concept to the menu.

So the interior concept equals a 360° SEAsation starting on the industrial former dock area of ‘tEilandje. What follows inside is an immersion into a world of deep sea trenches. The perfectly rectangular floor plan of the site fits into that industrial look, but the organic shapes are the center of attention. In“Vis Van A”, you are taken on a culinary journey to ‘the end of the sea’ that inspires taste buds and mind with its fancy yet ecological look and feel.

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Stay for drinks/dinner

We wanted a neutral grey space that exudes a modern timelessness, while the pink lighting accents (similar to the logo) just add colour with a clear, dirty yet refined touch.


Stay for drinks/dinner

It’s all about having a good time. We’ve amplified this by extensively using indirect lighting replenished by carefully placed table lamps.