Stay for drinks/dinner

We won the contract after winning a public tender, in collaboration with B2Ai. The big challenge was the integration of different functions, including the preservation of some protected elements (classified facade, monumental spiral staircase, classified interiors, etc.). The program includes a (training) restaurant on the ground floor with 2 floors of offices and a day care centre for 45 children on the top floor.

For the design of the dining room, several groups were involved to give people new opportunities. For example: we used several social workshops for making the tables, chairs, lighting & bar as well as for the painting of the offices. We were responsible for the design and guidance of these people. The combination of old elements to be preserved with new floors and an industrial design language, ensures a dynamic and contemporary interior. The used furniture was given a 2nd life. The tables were made of parquet which was dismantled during a partial demolition of the building. The lighting in the restaurant are old fittings of sewerage that we found in the cellars.

In addition, we took care of the complete design of all the floors. The offices were finished with transparent walls and wall-to-wall carpeting. The various daycare groups were given colour-codes that indicate in which group the parents can leave their children for the day. These colour codes can be found on the floor and in the furniture design per group, which provides a link between the building and the graphics.

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Stay for drinks/dinner

The starting point for this project was the creation of a meeting place where the resident as the visitor would like to stay, eat, drink, meet, etc.

Spicy Lemon

Stay for drinks/dinner

Spicy Lemon, a fancy restaurant that serves dishes with a Persian touch.