House BL

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House BL stands as a testament to a triumphant transformation, specifically, from a former bookstore in Kortrijk into a contemporary single-family home with split levels. The most striking feature of the space, the concrete staircase and balustrade, were preserved and seamlessly integrated into the new interior. The interior design pays homage to the timeless style of the 1950s, incorporating Sapelli veneer on all vertical wooden cabinet walls and a harmonious blend of materials, including Verde St. Lucia marble. The renovation connects indoor and outdoor spaces with a seamless micro topping floor, instilling a sense of openness and refinement in these areas.

House BL reflects the successful fusion of old and modern elements, honoring its historical character while catering to contemporary living standards. This project embodies both history and innovation, intricately woven into every aspect of the home.

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House IC

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Stay Studio teamed up with Promanys to restore and balance the charm of this 19th century house with contemporary taste.

House B

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After determining the size of the home extension, the client decided to enlarge the master bedroom with a private dressing room.