From the press 22/03/22
Proud to announce our coöperation with two star chef Bart De Pooter from Pastorale, architect Jan Bleys from ARS HORTI and Simon Desmet, art director from branding agency MENTALL.

Two-star chef Bart De Pooter from Pastorale is already looking for a new challenge after the announced opening of two vegetarian restaurants in the future Sapphire Hotel. At the end of September/beginning of October, a new fish restaurant will open in Hangar 26-27 in Antwerp.

Bart De Pooter was approached by project developer Nextensa for the project on the Scheldeboord. Inspired by Gare Maritime, a foodmarket in Tour & Taxis in Brussels, the project developer asked Bart to act as a signpost for a new concept

The two-star chef always wanted to do something accessible with fish. ‘Vis van A’ came to light! In cooperation with architect Jan Bleys from ARS HORTI and art director from branding agency MENTALL, we are completely renovating the hangar.

The restaurant will be a total concept. For example: There will be a terrace of 1,000 square metres in the shape of a shell, referring to the seafood on the menu. But it will also provide shelter from the wind. We make sure to make it all work perfectly together.

‘Vis van A’ focusses on fresh and organic products. And there will be a fish and vegetable market. We are linking responsible agriculture to responsible caught North Sea fish.

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