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Design, an atmosphere filled with natural light and technology come together in the new multipurpose space we designed for Milcobel, the largest mozzarella manufacturer in Belgium. A peaceful space fully equipped with a high-tech tasting & cooking zone – complete with various types of pizza ovens – a meeting space and a coffee seating area.We were challenged to create a complete and versatile space to accommodate a variety of uses and activities: inviting their professional clients for meetings, showcooking or giving practical classes to their buyers on how to best prepare the Milcobel mozzarella. After careful consideration of all the requirements, we designed one large and organic space that appears to be divided into different rooms because of the various floor and ceiling finishes, without actually creating separate rooms.

Very bella mozzarella, if you’d ask us

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The casco of the so-called retail space was preserved as much as possible. Parts of the walls and ceilings were dressed with spray plaster to create unity and increase the perception of space. The fact that ventilation ducts and other pipes remain visible throughout the space contributes to the unity.

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The headquarters of House of HR is an accumulation of five successive floors of offices. Check it out!