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A gang of creative agencies joining forces. That’s LinkLab. Our offer is diverse: from urban planners (Dencity), architects for large developments (Markland) to designers of private homes (Us) and interior designers (Stay Studio). We demonstrate our versatile expertise in the interior design in this original commercial shopping complex in the heart of town. Joining forces it is!

It’s no coincidence that none of our creative agencies claim its own office spaces. We decided on installing transparent walls and doors from greenhouse constructions to create a minimum space delimitation, for required privacy and ecological considerations. But in reality the entire floor serves as one multipurpose open office where we collaborate or host architectural workshops, networking events and lectures. Exactly as we envisaged it. T

he building’s shell was intentionally left almost untouched. In Link Lab, you can enjoy an exceptional sense of space thanks to the use of spray filler on some of the walls and ceilings. To capture an industrial unity, we kept the ventilation ducts and other pipes visible throughout the entire space. And the fancy veneer wood, marble, custom-made furniture, mirrors, and designer furniture? They are responsible for a high-quality contrast with the industrial look of the building. The result is a stylish boldness and characterful appearance that every client can identify with.

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VOKA Flanders

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Stay at work

Design, an atmosphere filled with natural light and technology come together in the new multipurpose space we designed for Milcobel.