VOKA Flanders

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Oostkamp (Brugge)

We created the interior design of the meeting and seminar rooms for VOKA, the largest network of companies in Flanders. We will remember it as a challenging task, in a positive way. It had to take into account various contacts and therefore possible suppliers of VOKA itself. We therefore opted for elegant materials, all of which can withstand intensive use, ensuring that the space retains its value in the long term. By recurring green and different shades of brown in the spaces, we create a unity that radiates the seriousness required for a business network. Playful elements, such as the green wall, the light-coloured salon in organic shapes or the bar with a wall of retro Winckelmans tiles, ensure that the space also has the right look for networking events outside of real working hours.

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The former village café on the ground floor has been converted into a trendy meeting place, adjoining the ‘Peach room’ where meetings can be held or property transactions can be celebrated in a homely atmosphere.

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The casco of the so-called retail space was preserved as much as possible. Parts of the walls and ceilings were dressed with spray plaster to create unity and increase the perception of space. The fact that ventilation ducts and other pipes remain visible throughout the space contributes to the unity.