Spicy Lemon

Stay for drinks/dinner

A fancy restaurant in Kortrijk. Spicy Lemon serves dishes with a Persian touch. The long and not very wide space benefits from beautiful perspectives and depths. We maintained unity in the large space. In addition, we created some separate corners with their own character. We got  the opportunity to pay a lot of attention to materials and finishing. Just one of Stay Studio’s strengths!

Ceiling, walls and floor are rough and streetwise. Think polished concrete and concrete beams. The walls are covered with cement that has been treated on site. On the other hand, the finishing touches are more refined: the alcantara curtains and benches, the cosy corners, the fine knitting of the sofa upholstery all refine the atmosphere.

The higher bar tables evoke the informal atmosphere of the American diner. Translated into local materials, this results in a combination of aluminium and tile work by Winckelmans. This American touch is also reflected in the design of the terrace.

The interior of Spicy Lemon is a catalogue of materials, without being an uncontrolled mix. Thanks to the well-considered lighting, everything is bathed in unity, an atmosphere of rough honesty and nonchalant refinement.

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Stay for drinks/dinner

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Stay for drinks/dinner

Italian restaurant