Villa for students ‘t Onzent’

Stay at home

For students who are looking for that little bit more, Ion Development is working on a new concept. This former art deco villa in Kortrijk will become an American-style student house. Still in the concept phase. Completion is scheduled for 2023.

This Villa, called ‘t’ Onzent’ (‘at our home’) was designed in 1911 by Jozef De Coene, architect and founder of a reknown arts and crafts workshop “Gebroeders De Coene” in Kortrijk. The client for this spacious family home was  a friend of De Coene.

The three-front villa was built in the fashionable cottage style, inspired by the arts-and-crafts movement, with decorative elements in Art Nouveau style. De Coene and his entourage designed the villa in every detail as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

After the thorough renovation, the distinctive three-fronted villa will house 15 rentable student rooms with all contemporary amenities.

In collaboration with Link Lab Architecture, Cobe, ION development

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House LD

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House M

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It’s the perfect interaction of walnut colour, light parquet flooring and painted concrete ceilings that offers a luxurious and welcoming appearance with a modern touch.