Stay at work

Habitat goes beyond the new way of working. It offers a generous coworking space for real estate agents who want to collaborate in one way or another, open to their particular needs. The former village café on the ground floor has been converted into a trendy meeting place, adjoining the ‘Peach room’ where meetings can be held or property transactions can be celebrated in a homely atmosphere.

On the first and second floor, where the headquarters of this innovative player are located, you can find small offices and meeting rooms for rent. Materials with a classic touch are used  in a brand new context. Think of walnut, copper, full carpet and velvet. #Instagram

What we did: Interior design
Realised by: Vroman Decoratie
Year: 2021

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Allaert aluminium

Stay at work

Stay Studio was allowed to rebuild an existing "shed" for the company Allaert Aluminium.

VOKA Flanders

Stay at work